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Welcome to my dream!


Have I always wanted to be a writer?  Yes.


Did I always have the faith and confidence that it would ever happen?  No.


I wrote my first “book” at the age of six, a real page-turner titled “The Mysterious House on Charlotte Lane.”  My middle school years were filled with horse stories, my high school years your typical teen angst and drama novellas.  In college, however, my writing dropped off as there were friends to be made, jobs to be worked for textbook money, and, of course, a degree to earn in Secondary Education.  And after college, there were bills to be paid.  A dream career as a novelist wasn’t practical, and I had to be practical.


I worked for 14 years in higher education administration and student development, and then, wanting a change from academia, I worked for five years as an optometric technician at optometry practices.  There were brief forays into substitute teaching, shipping logistics, and retail along the way, as well, but the creative arts always had my heart.  


In 2017, I completed a six-month training program in professional voice acting and launched my own voiceover business, lending my voice to TV and radio commercials, Internet videos, and even a small role in an anime film.  From there, I scripted, voiced, and produced three seasons of a positive-vibes podcast called “Anything But Routine,” inspired by my own successful battle with breast cancer.  The podcast episodes are still available on most popular podcast platforms, but “Anything But Routine” eventually became a blog in which I document my life after cancer, in the country, while pursuing a career as a creative entrepreneur.


Obviously, writing was still my first love.  Everything always came back to writing.


By this time, indie publishing had become mainstream, and I began to think - I could do that.


And now here we are!


Welcome to my dream.  I’m so glad to be able to share it with you.

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