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Not like the others . . . 

Bonfire Beach, South Carolina.  The exclusive beachfront community is old money, the best of everything, and its genteel residents don’t take kindly to those who aren’t like them.


And to say that Stacy Storm isn’t like them is an understatement.


For one thing, he’s a disgraced reality TV star and tabloid fodder.


For another, he’s a world-renowned psychic proven to be a fraud - at least in part.


For a third, he’s moved into the notorious McClean mansion - the very mansion whose relevance in Bonfire Beach history all would prefer to forget.


And that’s just what the people of Bonfire know about.


From childhood on, Stacy has been different.  Neglected by his mother and bullied by his peers, he learned in his teens that he is, in fact, very much wanted in another realm, of which very few others are even aware.  His gift is a double-edged sword, bringing him validation and approval by way of a daily nightmare that stars only Stacy - and them.


He hates them.  He fears them.


He needs them.

And he's in Bonfire Beach to find them.


This is the beginning.

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