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Stacy Storm has hit rock bottom.


Once a world-renowned psychic with a top-rated television show, he's lost both his credibility and his career after he was exposed as a fraud.


And once a New Yorker with a plush Manhattan apartment to showcase his success, he's taken refuge in a notorious "murder mansion" in the genteel village of Bonfire Beach, South Carolina.


No one wants him out in the world.


And no one wants him in Bonfire Beach, either. 

All he has left is his own determination to prove that he's not a fake, and thus reclaim the life he once had - but in doing so, he'll lose the few people who think he's worth more without it.

Now he has to choose between those he loves . . . and those he hates.

It should be an easy decision, but nothing has ever been easy for Stacy - especially when it comes to them.  They are the only ones who can give him what he wants.  And yet the price they demand is way too high: his very soul.

All Stacy has ever yearned for is a place to belong.  He figures he's been around enough to decide for himself where that is, and he resents anyone who tries to change his mind.  But then he discovers that nothing - and no one - is nearly as black and white as it seems.  And everything he thought he knew really isn't so clear after all.

Sometimes that's a good thing.

Sometimes it's bad.

Sometimes only time will tell.

And sometimes only they will.

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